Do I really want a Mini-me?

Picture of Dr. Evil and Mini-me

The fact is that, regardless of what you would like your children to become, the odds are that they will become just like you.  How could they do otherwise?

Let’s start from the beginning.  When we were born, we had basic human physical and emotional needs, but we didn’t have a clue how we could get those needs met.  Our emotional needs include both the need to avoid pain (fear, rejection, loneliness, etc.) and the need to gain pleasure (a sense of value, a place of belonging, a sense of being loved, etc.). There’s no school for babies that we can go to where we can learn how to get our needs met, so we watch others and learn and later we try our own human strategies to see what will work.  The people with whom children spend most of their time in their early years are their parents.  Therefore, they will be the role models after which their children will pattern their lives. Continue reading