Good Moms – Bad Rap


There’s a side-effect that comes with being a good mom that nobody anticipates and few people understand.  I’ll be writing about mothers of boys, since this side-effect is more common and more pronounced with boys than it is with girls.  Considering the amount of time stay-at-home moms spend with their children and how much opportunity they have to manage their kids’ behavior, it’s logical that this side-effect is experienced much more quickly than with working moms.

If a woman wants to be a good mom, she’ll accept the responsibility of teaching her boys about hygiene, manners, nutrition, safe play, balance between video game usage and school studies.  Those are the basics.  Then, you have the values and principles specific to this particular set of parents.  Added to the basics could be spiritual awareness, charity, industry (working for money), saving money, volunteering, etc.

Let it be known – RIGHT NOW – none of these things comes naturally to a human boy, much less two or three of them living together. Continue reading