It Could Get Ugly

Picture of an ugly manYes, it could get ugly.  I was thinking about the content of my blog posts and came to the conclusion that there was something missing.  I’ve been doing a lot of teaching about how we all became who we are and that understanding the beliefs and meanings of others with whom we associate would be  beneficial when we have disagreements.

I’ve thrown in a couple of “safe” posts about cultural things, but being safe is boring.  I’ve been told a million times, since my youth, that we shouldn’t talk about religion or politics.  As I ponder that admonition, it occurs to me that there are no other more influential aspects of our lives than government and spirituality.  The government is reaching deeper and deeper into our lives and our spirituality or lack thereof has a huge influence on how we live our lives and how we interact with others.

I just wrote a blog post about being offended.  When I open up the possibilities for new blog content, I guess we’ll see if my readers will get offended and leave or join in a debate.    So, “There’s a new Sheriff in town”.  We’ll be talking about new stuff – guns, prejudice, race, politics, religion, “rights” and responsibilities, white privilege, and the American Dream.  I think the next post will be call “Babies and Patriotism”.

Are you up for it?  I hope you are.



sign that says caution easily offended

I’m offended.  What are the odds?  Aren’t we all offended by something these days?  Last week I got offended by someone who did a little rant about being offended.  I guess the only thing left to do is figure out who is more offended.  A couple of days ago, I got offended by someone making a statement about the Dutch – my heritage.  I was furious!!  At least I think I’m Dutch. I’m not sure, but I’m offended anyway!

I always want to be informed about the things I intend to share, so I went to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and looked up the word – offend.   Here it is: Continue reading