A Fact About Population

PeopleThis little bit of information that I’m going to give you will come in handy when someone tries to scare you by saying that the world has too many people.   Have you already heard that?  Have you come to believe that it’s true?

Well – here is a fun fact to take into consideration the next time you discuss this subject.

I was told that if we put everyone who lives on this earth standing side-by-side and packed like sardines like the picture at the top, they could all fit on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!  That can’t be true, can it?  Well, I decided to check it out on my own. Continue reading

The 30 Year Challenge

picture of old man lifting weights

How many of you know someone in their eighties or nineties who is strong and healthy.  I’m not talking about the person who “keeps moving” – the ones who walk the mall or go golfing every day.  I’m talking about a 90 year old man who can bench press more than half his body weight and lift and carry fifty pounds of bird seed from the car to the garage.  Or an 85 year old woman who can put her own forty pound piece of luggage on the airport scale and jog up the stairs at home with a basket full of laundry.   Is it even possible for old people to do those things?  I think so and I intend to prove it with my own 30 year challenge.

Many of you might say – “Who cares if you can’t do those things?” “You’ve earned the right to relax after the hectic life you’ve led.”   If those are your beliefs, you’ll be in the same condition as all the older folks that I’ve known.  As they got older, they didn’t keep their strength up, so their muscles atrophied and soon they couldn’t do as much as before so their muscles atrophied even more and so on.  Pretty soon, they joined the ranks of their peers and slowly became weak and feeble.  I don’t have an example of anyone I know personally who didn’t end up in that state. Continue reading