A Fact About Population

PeopleThis little bit of information that I’m going to give you will come in handy when someone tries to scare you by saying that the world has too many people.   Have you already heard that?  Have you come to believe that it’s true?

Well – here is a fun fact to take into consideration the next time you discuss this subject.

I was told that if we put everyone who lives on this earth standing side-by-side and packed like sardines like the picture at the top, they could all fit on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!  That can’t be true, can it?  Well, I decided to check it out on my own.I started out by “Googling” the following information:

What is the area of Maui in square miles, how many square feet are in a square mile, and how many people inhabit the whole world.  Here are all the things we need to know to figure this out:

  1. Area of Maui in square miles = 727 sq. miles
  2. Number of square feet in a square mile = 27,878,400 sq. feet per sq. mile
  3. Since all these folks will be standing, we’ll choose 2 square feet per person as the average amount of space they will each fill up.  There will be bigger people as well as smaller people and children in the equation.
  4. Since we’re using 2 sq. feet per person, we’ll divide the number of square feet in a square mile by two which equals 13,937,200 two-foot sections available per square mile.
  5. Now we just have to multiply the number of sections available per sq. mile by the number of sq. miles on Maui.  The answer is: 10,133,798,400 total sections available for people to stand in.
  6. Last count – how many people inhabit the earth?  7,125,000,000

Wow.  Not only can all the people in the world fit on Maui, we have room there for 3 billion more.

Are you still concerned about over population? If we want to give everyone more breathing room, we could move them all to Minnesota which is 119 times bigger than Maui. Each person could have 238 sq. feet to spread out in.

Then, we could plant food in the rest of the whole world to feed them.

I don’t know about you, but my anxiety level surrounding this issue just plummeted.


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