We’re Not The Wolves




Picture of snarling wolf

In the movie, American Sniper, Chris Kyle’s dad said that there are three types of people.  There are sheep (victims), there are wolves (oppressors), and there are shepherds (defenders of the sheep).  The United States has always been a shepherd to countless millions of people around the world who needed a defender.

Recently, there were 21 Christians publically beheaded.  A Jordanian pilot was burned alive. A 7 year old girl had a bomb strapped on her and sent into a crowd of people.  I doubt that she really knew that she would be gone forever when she pressed that button that took five lives and wounded forty others.  Boca Haram kidnapped 250 young girls in Nigeria and gave them to terrorists to be wives and slaves.  Platoons of 10 year old kids are being indoctrinated to fight and die for terrorist causes.  And what does the United States – The Defender – do?   The most compassionate and powerful nation in the world sits on the sidelines fighting brutal injustice with a Twitter hashtag held up by Hollywood personalities and politicians. Continue reading