Short Post For Christians

Around the dinner tables and around the water coolers – at gatherings of our families and friends there’s a common lament – the decaying social fabric of our country.  Our Constitution says we have freedom of religion, yet the group, “Freedom from Religion” is winning at every turn.  Why is that?  It’s two-fold.

Number 1:  A lack of spiritual knowledge in the newer generations.

When I was young, almost every kid went to church at least once a week.  If the dad was a drunk, Mom managed to get the kids to church by herself.  In our society, it was a given that Sunday mornings were not available for work or socializing because everyone went to church before doing anything else.  Regardless of how we lived out our spirituality during the week, Sunday was a day for God and rest and the family was offered a moral alternative to unfettered hedonism. Continue reading

Power of Words

I was driving my truck down the highway in the left lane, when another pickup truck came flying up to within twenty feet of me.  He stayed there for about a half a minute and then backed off to about four car lengths.  He stayed back there until I moved to the right lane in anticipation of my upcoming exit.  Then, that pickup flew past me and, again, up to about twenty feet behind the car that I had been following.  For the next two miles that pickup stayed right behind the car.

What could have made the difference between me and the car that affected his behavior?  This scenario happens to me all the time.  I’m just guessing, but I think it may have something to do with the bumper sticker on the back of my truck which reads: “Have Gun – will vote”.   The “Have Gun” part is in a larger font size than the rest.  The drivers who come up behind me, after seeing the sticker, probably think I might have a gun in my truck (which I do) and that I might be inclined to use it in an “emergency”.  Ahhh… the power of words.  It’s just a bumper sticker.  Those are just words.  There’s no guarantee that I have a gun with me, but people respond exactly the same way every time they read those words as if they were certain that I did have a gun just because the sign said so. Continue reading