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Around the dinner tables and around the water coolers – at gatherings of our families and friends there’s a common lament – the decaying social fabric of our country.  Our Constitution says we have freedom of religion, yet the group, “Freedom from Religion” is winning at every turn.  Why is that?  It’s two-fold.

Number 1:  A lack of spiritual knowledge in the newer generations.

When I was young, almost every kid went to church at least once a week.  If the dad was a drunk, Mom managed to get the kids to church by herself.  In our society, it was a given that Sunday mornings were not available for work or socializing because everyone went to church before doing anything else.  Regardless of how we lived out our spirituality during the week, Sunday was a day for God and rest and the family was offered a moral alternative to unfettered hedonism.

Since the 70’s, though, we’ve increasingly abdicated our responsibility to our kids by not immersing them in a God-centered environment and our kids are being conditioned by the rest of the world to disregard any need for religion or spirituality.  Creating this void in a kid’s life makes them prime targets for those who would discredit the moral values and principles that come along with a God connection.

Number 2:  Unwillingness of Christians to be involved in choosing our government representatives.

The people who are being elected to represent us are shying away from the Judeo-Christian ethic on which our country was built in favor of moral relativism with which our citizens are more comfortable.  Using the 1st amendment of free speech as an excuse, these politicians find no problem with allowing foul language, nudity, and soft porn in our movies, TV programs, and music. Remember when the FCC used to hold the line on crude language and behavior?  At the same time, we’re moving toward a time when speaking Biblical truth will likely be banned on the premise that it is “hate speech”.  Instead of upholding long-held moral constraints, our leaders are accepting lower moral expectations so as not to offend anyone.

One of the reasons we’ve arrived at this place is that statistics show that 50% of Christians don’t vote!!  We have social issues that are being decided at the ballot box.  Many of these issues are in direct conflict with Christian values – the same values that were strong at the inception or our nation and, in fact, made our country great.  There are candidates who espouse the values that we used to have.  A higher percentage of Christians voting could put those candidates in a position to represent us.   I don’t understand the reticence of Christians to support their beliefs and values at the ballot box.

Some theologians  say that God simply endorses government systems on earth.  But, some Christians say that God chooses all those who get into office, so it’s not necessary for us to vote.  In either case, do you really think that God will supersede the election process and get someone into office with only 25% of the vote?  He may shape the outcome by influencing Christians to vote for a particular person, but the secular world is still going to count the ballots and give the office to the candidate with the most votes.

If you want to discuss this, I hope you have a really solid argument for why Christians shouldn’t be involved with the governing of our country.  I have a friend who is a Bible scholar. To his knowledge, there is no place in the Bible that says we’re supposed to sit out elections.

I get a little emotional about this because I have grandkids who will have to struggle against the tide of moral decay.  I don’t want to be melodramatic, but I fought and was wounded for the country that I lived in back in the old days of 1966.  Yes, I would do the same now, but it troubles me to see the declining state of our country juxtaposed with the fact that half of my Christian brothers and sisters don’t seem to care enough to vote.




3 thoughts on “Short Post For Christians

  1. I agree! We discussed this very topic at my Women’s Bible Study last week. We are living in “the last days.” Anyone who knows the Bible can see it unfold right before our eyes! Wake up people!

  2. Yep – I’ve said this (and things like this) for years. If you don’t vote, you give up your right to a voice. During election times, especially, Jay Leno used to make a point of saying (warning?) the U.S. “If you don’t vote, you get the government you deserve”.

    I find myself getting angry when church leaders and Christian parents don’t show up at places like City Council, or School Board meetings – even the PTA. In doing that, they turn everything over to those who are NOT watching out for the interests of the believers who want the best world possible for our future.

    I’ve had more than one argument in my home about not participating in some function (where “everyone else is going”) on a Sunday morning because we’re going to church. It doesn’t make me popular, but I firmly believe I’m right. I can’t control how other families conduct themselves, but I can demand that others respect my right to worship on Sunday mornings.

    Now I’M getting emotional and a bit militant. :-)

    • All these years, I’ve wondered why we elect some of the people that we do. Then, I find out that half of those who share my values don’t value their right to decide who leads the country. On top of that, the non-voters have the audacity to complain about the course our country is on. Go figure.

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