Getting Back in the Grind

picture of Jack NicholsonIn order for you to sign up for email notifications, I had to post a new blog that will give you that option.

On the upper, right corner of this page, you’ll see a place to put your email address and then the “Click Here to Sign Up” button.

By doing that, I can send out an email to everyone when I post something new. It won’t have the content of the post – just a link to the new blog. That way, you don’t have to visit my blog site to check for new stuff. Of course, you can go to the site with this link:

any time and look around.  There’s info about me and a bunch of blog posts that I’ve already written.

So many of us have heard the warnings from some well-intentioned soul that says, “Don’t ever talk about Religion or Politics”.  Well, I believe that the two things that effect our lives more than anything is religion and politics.  Everything else is small talk – “Is it cold enough out there for ya?”  “Sure sucks getting old.”  “Well, what are ya gonna do?” “How ’bout them Twins.”  Blah,blah,blah…..

So, we’re going to be talking about things that will likely fit into one of those two categories.  There will be others, though, like the two posts you can read entitled:

“A Fact About Population” and “The 30 Year Challenge”. and others about personal change and human development that could be of interest to you.

I don’t get emotional with subjects about which I’m writing.  I express my opinions based on facts as I see them and debate issues calmly and kindly with those who disagree with me.  I think the reason most people don’t like to debate is that a lot of people can’t hold it together.  I have a “settled state of certainty” about a lot of things, but there are few issues about which I’m passionate. Some time I’ll write about those things. I hope that everyone can maintain a little decorum even while responding to something about which you’re passionate.

Anyway…. Here we go. Hope you don’t bail on me too soon and remember, you can join in the conversation by replying in the “Comments”.

Thanks for tuning in.