About Al

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEverything I write about with regard to the human condition, personal development, and personal change was learned through my association with Dr. Al Larson.  Here is a glimpse his history in this field of study, his accomplishments and credentials:

Dr. Al Larson is the President and founder of Dynamics of Growth, Inc. Al’s education, as well as his personal and business backgrounds, served to develop a unique method of renewal working with how God designed the human nervous system and how to apply God’s word to our life – “Cooperating with God for a Change®.”

TNT™ is a new discipline for Christians founded and developed by Al Larson in the endeavor to help one’s self transform to the image of Christ and for the movement of Christian counseling in general. The start of TNT™ took place when Al was Director of Youth for Christ in Mpls, MN. Al started counseling shortly after he became a Christian in 1978. He was very frustrated with the inadequacy of the psychological and philosophical theories that he had learned in school and that were present in the church.

In 1984 he took training from Richard Bandler, the founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a certification course in Human Engineering Design. Many of the paradigms of NLP did not fit Al’s beliefs, which are founded in God’s Word. The outcome of the certification, Al’s business background, the study of God’s word, and his personal commitment to Jesus Christ became the start of what is now known as TNT™. Al first called the new method of counseling, Cooperating with God for a Change®. He began to counsel and give seminars in the synergistic merging of human design and applied theology. Dynamics of Growth, Inc., a non-profit organization, was then established.

For eighteen years Al used the Cooperating with God for a Change® counseling method he’d developed with a wide variety of clients. This model proved to be extremely affective and provide solutions for his clients in a much shorter period of time than conventional counseling. Many people were healed from phobias, anxiety, depression, and addictions in just a few sessions.

In addition to his counseling practice, which he no longer pursues, he created a program, Mind Armor Training Tools, that primarily helps men destroy the pull of lust and pornography.

You can see his work by visiting the following websites:

Jericho Ventures      http://www.jerichoventures.com

Mind Armor Training Tools     http://www.mind-armor.com