About Me

I’m Dave Kleinendorst.  Everything that I was and some of what I still am, now, was learned through my unique experiences as a kid who grew up in a very poor environment with two parents who were very dissociated from their children.  There was, after all, work to be done to feed and clothe six kids and that’s what they did – work.

We also grew up in a strict evangelical Christian home and church where we had a list of dos and don’ts that governed our lives – dramatically contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   This, combined with our economic situation, created a scenario in which we children had no peers.

We lived eight miles from the nearest town in isolation.  All of this left my siblings and me without any friends.  Consequently we all exhibit a variety of dysfunction.

Here’s my life in a nutshell:  I was sexually molested by a trusted person as a fourteen year old.  I spent three years in the Marine Corps, two of which were in Vietnam, where I got wounded once.  I became an alcoholic in my teens and remained so until I was forty years old.


I married the girl I chose on a Church Camp bus when I was 14 and she was only 12. She’s been the best thing that ever happened to me and we’ve been married for 45 years.  We have two amazing children who have apparently modeled only the best parts of us and also three equally amazing grandchildren.

In 2001, my wife and I sought counseling and met someone who changed our lives.  Dr. Al Larson not only counseled us, using an amazingly effective Christian-based counseling model, but he also trained us for two years in this counseling model and now we both share our knowledge of personal change with others.

I’ll try to keep the “teaching-type” of blogs to a minimum, but I want you to know the foundations of personal development so you will have the option of making personal change should you ever choose to take a new direction in your life.

I’m shooting for a couple of posts per week, but you don’t have to keep checking in – you can leave your email address on the front page and I’ll send an email out whenever I add a new post.

Please comment about the blogs. It gets lonesome sitting here in this server in Utah all by myself.  (no – I’m not in Utah, my blog site webhosting is).

Thanks for checking in.

Dave (AKA: Cowboy Dave, Farrier Dave, and some names I’d rather not share)